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Solder Banana Plugs

You would think many times why banana plugs are needed and what their real purpose is. The answer is obvious – they are the perfect and effective solutions for a neat and solid connection for your speaker wires. Banana plugs are a convenient way to plug in your wires in the back end of the receivers with minimum fuss and within a tight space. They also assist in avoiding the stray strands of the wires accidently getting shorted & blowing your system entirely. The gold plating on them prevents poor signal transfer, giving you a better quality output of sound. In short – a banana plug is the key to ensuring that you receive the best quality sound output from your system and with maximum proficiency.

About Solder Banana Plugs

Solder type banana plugs are different from the normal type of banana plug in a way that it ensures a proper, perhaps the most reliable connection between your wires and the banana plug. These plugs are generally high quality gold plated with distinct leaf spring contacts that provide high resistance to corrosion and also offer the highest quality of maximum signal transfer. The gold plating on them, in fact, allows for faster and efficient soldering of the banana plug. Ultimately, the solder type Banana Plug enables you to build a custom speaker system without any type of stress at all.

Overview of Banana Plugs

Solder type plugs are high quality gold plated, which are quite suitable for your speaker system interconnections. The gold plating and complete constructions using copper & ferromanganese tips give it a solid composure as well as leading on quality output of sound. These also receive up to 18 AWG wires, so it is extremely flexible in its features particularly. The basic and the most significant advantage of using a solder-style banana plug is that it provides the best possible, reliable connection for your wires to the back end of your speakers/receivers.

Technical Specifications

  • High Quality gold plating
  • Accepts 12 to 18 AWG (gauge) speaker wires
  • Has a rear cable entry
  • Color coded to assure proper polarity
  • A secure & firm contact with the binding posts
  • Why Choose the Solder Banana Plugs?

    The banana plug essentially makes the speaker installation seem about as easy as putting together the most simplest of Lego sets. You do not have to worry about stray wire strands being shorted and eventually damaging your system. Not only are these convenient & easy on the eye, they also provide a solid and reliable connection for your wires. The gold plated Solder Banana Plug is highly resistive to corrosion, making them supremely durable and high in quality. The body of the banana plug is made using copper, giving it a strong base on which the 24K gold plated finish is applied. The tips of the plugs are made of ferromanganese material, thus rendering a much greater conductivity to it, allowing a signal transfer of the highest possible quality and efficiency.

    How to Install a Solder Banana Plug

  • 1. Strip the ends of the cable to expose it.
  • 2. Now unscrew the back end of the banana plug.
  • 3. Take the exposed wire & insert it through the piece of the banana plug’s back end that you just removed.
  • 4. Once the wire pokes out from the other end, after spreading out its strands bend them over the end of the piece, but make sure you don’t actually cover the threads of the screw itself.
  • 5. Now insert this piece along with the wire back into the banana plug and screw it off tightly.
  • 6. Ensure that the wire is firm and secure. Check it by giving it a slight tug.
  • 7. You will have to repeat this process for all ends of your necessary wires.
  • 8. Connect the plugs to your speakers or amplifiers according the required polarities. And that’s it! You can listen to Lady Gaga, Lady Lenka, and Ice Cube all you want.
  • Advantages of Using Solder Banana Plugs

    Again, the basic and the most prolific advantage of the Solder Banana Plug is that it provides the strongest and perhaps the most reliable connection between your wires and the receiver. They remain in their sockets firmly (no accidental fall-out), yet they can easily be removed and re-inserted. The quality of the output sound is also the best you can ask for, since the gold plating resists any kind of corrosion of the plugs, along with the copper construction, giving it strength and sturdiness. The easy to solder banana plug is what you need for your audio connections – nothing more, nothing less.

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