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RCA Banana Plug

An RCA Connector to Banana Plug Adapter – An Ideal Combination

Let us first look at what exactly RCA connectors and banana plugs are! RCA connectors are a variety of electrical connectors, which are used, to collect and transfer video and audio signals simultaneously. The Radio Corporation of America first made these in the 1940s, hence the name: RCA. The purpose behind this was to allow the transfer of audio signals to amplifiers along with phonographs.

Banana plugs are primarily meant to connect your wires to the back end of the speakers or amplifiers in a reliable, convenient, and an easy way. This makes your home audio connection custom manageable, as well as giving it a perfect connection that is durable, assured, and enhances the quality of the sound output.

What is the need to convert RCA connectors?

Sometimes, you may find some speakers or amplifiers which are pre-wired. To use such equipment with a conventional audio system where you use normal wires using banana plugs, it is essential that you will need some kind of adapter or converter. The reason using a converter is also advantageous is that then you do not need to cut off these RCA plugs – you can keep them for any future purposes.

So, how do we convert a RCA connector? Well, it is pretty simple. It is easy to solder your speaker wire on to the banana plug and then solder the other side of it to the RCA plug. However, the only problem that may arise in some rare cases are in relation to the compatibility.

Instructions to Connect an RCA Connector to a Banana Plug

  • 1.Take a proper length of the speaker wires for the required connection with the desired banana plugs and cut them accordingly. You are going to connect this wire to the RCA plugs later, while cutting the wire, keep this in mind.
  • 2.Now split both the ends of the wire into two. You need to have about one to two inches of separated wire, so pull the leads apart accordingly. Remove some of the insulation too on both ends of the speaker wire using a wire stripper.
  • 3.Now you will have an in-line female RCA jack. Remove the jacket from it. Now you need to slide the jacket over one end of the speaker wires (the banana plug will be connected to the other end). Note that you align the jacket such that you can reattach it to the RCA jack once you are done connecting the speaker wire to it.
  • 4.You now need to solder the positive end of the speaker wire to the center pin of the back of the RCA jack.
  • 5.The negative end of the wire should be then soldered on to the outer tab of the RCA jack.
  • 6.Then slide the jacket back over the soldered joints and then accordingly fix it into place.
  • 7.Plug the end with the RCA jack into the RCA plug and the other end of the wire (where you connected the banana plug) into the back end of the speaker. And you are done!
  • You may also find some unique equipment – like the RCA Speaker Wire Banana Connector, which are specifically designed for this purpose. These RCA Speaker Wire Banana Connectors are extremely valuable since they maintain high levels of intense contact pressure, which provide maximum conductivity. They, from 12 to 16 gauge wire, offer excellent resistance to corrosion. The pin is constructed in a cone-shaped manner, which makes the contact internally. This will ensure that wire insulation will stay intact, simultaneously eliminating any possibility of damage because of wire strands that may be exposed.

    Features of an RCA Connector

  • Accepts 12 to 16 gauge speaker wire
  • Connects to speaker wires with center-pin technology
  • Color coded for indicating proper polarity
  • Greater contact pressure to the speaker cables
  • Ensured intact wire insulation while eliminating exposed wire strands
  • Advantages of Using RCA to the Banana Plug Adapter

    Although banana plugs are the perfect choice for plugging in speakers to the audio equipment, sometimes, in older or inexpensive systems, a banana plug cannot be used for these purposes. Here, RCA connectors will connect to the banana plug by requiring just one more adapter.

    Thus, by using an RCA connector to a banana plug adapter, an older or inexpensive amplifier, receiver, or speaker can also obtain a secure connection and produce sound that is music to the ears.

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