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Nakamichi Banana Plugs

The banana plug interface is used for electronic purposes and banana plugs/jacks, or male connectors make contact with the female connectors/ sockets or binding post. The female binding post is usually available on the speaker wall plates, audio/video receivers or any other device. Using a banana plug is an excellent option instead of using bare speaker wires, which can break out and destroy your audio device at the end. A guaranteed banana plug is always more reliable than a bare speaker connection since the wires can become frizzy after some time. Moreover, at the end of the speaker wire you will also receive a stable and robust connection.

Nakamichi Banana Plug

Large varieties of banana plugs are available in the market, and Nakamichi is one such incredible choice. Nakamichi or “Nak” as commonly called is famous for its standard electronic products. These plugs are IT savvy and can work well with a variety of cables, such as, USB cables, optical cables, fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, high speed HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, adapters, and plugs for different audio-video applications.

Product Specifications

General Nakamichi plugs are accompanied by these standard specifications:

  • Plug is made of 24K gold plating
  • Non-magnetic in nature, and is copper made
  • Requires no soldering since it is equipped with dual screw locking system
  • They can easily connect to the wire up to the size of 4 mm
  • They can handle wires of 8AWG to 20AWG
  • These plugs are equipped with black and red color codes
  • These are some of the specifications, which a Namakichi banana plug usually has. However, there are some other types of Nakamichi banana plugs available in markets corresponding to high precision machineries. Some of their main features are:

  • It has a copper body and is precision-machined.
  • It has an expandable contact pin for security.
  • It consists of two wires: one outlet plug with wire, and other is used as an adapter, 45ia-angle.
  • For attaining maximum durability and signal transferability; plug is 24K gold plated.
  • Plug is also provided with double locking screws for avoiding the need for soldering.
  • It can easily connect the wire of up to 7 mm.
  • Plug is available with black and red color-coding.
  • One more reasonably unique Namakichi plug available in the market is the Beryllium Copper Banana Plug. Most of the features of this banana plug are the same as the other plugs, but it has nine leaf springs made of Beryllium for increasing the contact pressure. For easier recognition, a plastic insulation cover that is black and red always accompanies this plug.

    Instructions to Install Nakamichi Banana Plugs to Speaker Wires

    The first thing that is required for accepting a banana plug is that there must be some binding post or banana socket on the receivers or speakers.

  • 1.Get 2 equal length of speaker wires and ensure that the length is not short; otherwise, it will not make a secure connection.
  • 2.Strip the wires at about 1/2 inches from both sides of the wire. You can use cable strippers for stripping the insulation off one end of the speaker wire.
  • 3.Open the screw of one plug so that it can sit in the threads.
  • 4.Now fold the threads on the back of the wire and bent them upward on the left side to a 90-degree angle. By bending them this way, the maximum contact with the banana plug is achieved.
  • 5.Push the wire inside the plug until it is entirely in.
  • 6.Hold the wire in your hand and simultaneously tighten the screw using a screwdriver. The screw should be tight so the wire is firmly inside the banana plug.
  • 7.The same steps are repeated with the second plug.
  • 8.The outer shell of the Nakamichi plug can be easily screwed on, and the colored writings on the plugs indicate that black is for the negative wire and red is for the positive wire.
  • Advantages of Using Nakamichi Banana Plugs

    Nakamichi plugs are durable and convenient with an apparent aesthetic value. These plugs are easy to thread and secure with the expanded tip handy for locking. It has a top-notch gold plating to make it corrosion resistant. Nakamichi plugs provide a precise, professional look for the cable. The outer jacket of the plug is well made and durable.

    There is no need to solder these wires since the twin screws can tighten down the wires well inside the casing. They are pretty to look at and they are practical. All angles are covered.

    Now, if you look to hook up new speaker wires, Nakamichi banana plugs are the best choice for you!

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