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Locking Banana Plugs

A Banana plug, commonly known as Banana Jack is a single wire connector, used to connect the wire with the equipment. Banana plugs are especially useful in making your home audio system rather manageable. Banana plug connections are more reliable than the bare speaker connections, as only one installation is needed to provide a permanent connection to the speaker wire.

About Locking Banana Plugs

A locking banana plug usually comes with a 2-screw lock design, to obtain a secure installation. The rear end of the plug is fed with the speaker cable by clamping the wire with the pair of set screws. A locking banana plug is the best banana plug by which could yield a secure connection. A locking banana plug solves the problem of loose connections since a 360-degree contact can be achieved by rotating the outer shell of the plug.

Overview of Locking Banana Plug

The silverback plugs are heavy duty, yet light in weight with a gold plated connector and a tight cable screw design. The twin-screw lock design sets the plugs apart from the other stereotype plugs. The advantage of using the double screw design will help in obtaining a more secure and stable connection compared to the open or single screw design. When these dual screw plugs are connected to the speakers, you do not have to worry about your home audio system blowing or shorting out. One can acquire a lasting, crisp, and clear signal transmission by establishing a solid contact between the wire and the connector. Banana plugs are particularly convenient for plugging in at the back end of a receiver particularly in a tight space.

Silverback Banana Plugs

Connection Diagram

The Silverback Banana Plugs are very similar to the Pro Maestro as they use screws to tighten down and secure the speaker wire. However the Silverback’s will feature a dual cable-screw instead of the single screw that the Pro Maestros have. This will give you the most secure connection possible and over all best sound quality.

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Technical Specifications

  • For maximum signal transfer and durability 24 gold plating is used
  • Pure copper based connectors
  • Dual set screw design for secure speaker wire
  • Can accept wire gauge size up to 4mm
  • Why Banana Plugs

    Some of the key features of the locking banana plug which make it an installer’s best friend are:

  • To win a clear signal and lifetime durability these connectors come with a 24K gold plating.
  • The signal can effectively pass through because of the pure copper connectors at the center of the banana plug.
  • Compared to soldering, the double screws can be fastened more properly and conveniently.
  • This plug offers a hassle free solution since the casing unscrews at the tip of the wire.
  • Essentially the most obvious benefit these dual screw plugs provide is the reception of crisp and clear sound from your speaker system.
  • Instructions to Install Locking Banana Plugs

  • 1.The locking collar of the banana plug is removed for sliding it over the wire. The collar ring color should be matched with the wire color (red-red, black-black, or white).
  • 2.Unscrew approximately a ½ inch of the wire end to expose the bare copper.
  • 3.Unscrew the bottom of the banana plug and place the wire in the bottom portion facing the thread towards the end of the cable wire.
  • 4.Place the bottom piece on the wire to get the insulation at the bottom end while the bare wire comes out from the other end.
  • 5.Place the wire inside the banana plug so that both screws cover it properly.
  • 6.While holding the wire at the positions tighten the screws cautiously by setting the screws over the banana and allowing the locking collar to slide over it.
  • 7.The two locking pins of the banana should be touched with the thread of the locking collar.
  • 8.Now, the last thing is to insert the banana plug into your device and the locking collar should be tightened to lock up the banana plug with your device.
  • Advantages of Using Banana Plugs

    The bare wire can wear out particularly easily and blow out your system. These plugs have a gold plating that are corrosion resistant and which can prevent the potential harm and poor signal transfer to your equipment. These locking plugs are durable and ensure that you receive the best quality sound reception from your system. The screw type locking banana plug is extremely simple and easy to install, since you do not require any soldering for it. Just inserting the bottom wire inside the plug and tightening it up with the double screws will complete this project and you will hear the difference!

    With so many advantages and the enhancement of your sound system, combined with an affordable price, this purchase seems like a no-brainer.

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