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How to Install a Wall Plate

You won't need many tools to install these wall plates, they essentially only require a Phillips screwdriver. Before we install it we're going to show you the ins and outs of a wall mount so you have a better idea of how they are supposed to work.


These wall plates feature binding posts on each side of the plate. One side connects to the wires in your walls, and the front face is left open for connecting your receiver or other device. These are great for using Banana Plugs because it makes the installation much more simple and professional.

As you can see you can stick Banana Plugs on both sides of the Wall Plate. So now that we know how they work this is how they are installed.

Easy Install:

First of all we need a hole in the wall, with all of our Speaker Wire and any other wires pulled through to it.

Usually you will do this before the construction of your business or home is done. However you can still do this later, it is just generally more difficult.

Once you have all of your cables through the wall you will need to strip all your wires with a standard Wire Stripper. After you have done that you can put your Banana Plugs on it.

For information on how to install the Banana Plugs check out our how to.

Once you get that all taken care of all you have to do is push all the Banana Plugs into the back of the wall plate.

After you have all of your speakers and other cables plugged into the back of your wall plate, push any excess cable length back into the wall so you have room to screw the plate to the wall. These wall plates feature a front faceplate that hides the screws for a more attractive face. This will need to be removed from the plate in order to screw it into the wall. After it is installed all you need to do is click the front faceplate back on.

Now that your faceplate is clicked back onto the Wall Plate you're done. Now you can begin connecting your stereo receiver into your wall plate.

These Wall Plates are a great accessory to in-wall speakers. In-wall speakers require speaker wiring behind the wall, so wall plates make it easy to organize all of your speaker connections. Many people choose to put labels on the wall plate to remind them which speaker goes where in the event that you have to unplug them down the road.

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