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How To Install In-Wall Speakers Part 2

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We'll need to begin by mapping out where we are going to mount our speakers. It's easy to figure out the size of the hole you're going to need with the included template.

Our installation took place in a finished office building, so we had to be extra careful in figuring out where to cut the holes. We chose to tape up a mock layout of where we wanted it and where the studs were. The tape on the right is where the edge of the projector would shine and the minimum heigt required for our installation. We then used a combination of an electronic stud finder as well as the old-school method of tapping along the wall to hear the differences in sound to locate the 2x4 studs behind the wall. You will need adequate space between the back of the speaker and any stud, because the speakers use the width of the sheetrock pinch onto and mount securely.

Here is what the back of the speaker looks like so you can get an idea of how it works. You can see the 6 plastic tabs along the outer edge of the speaker. In this picture the tabs are turned in. These tabs will turn to face outward when you tighten the screws on the front of the speaker, latching onto the sheetrock in the process. In order to have the most secure mount possible, every tab needs to be tight against the sheetrock. If you try and mount a speaker too close to a stud, these tabs won't have room to latch onto any sheetrock and will prevent your speaker from being mounted securely.

Once you've decided exactly where you would like to place your speakers, lets start cutting some holes.

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