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Gold Banana Plugs

The Attributes and Information Regarding Gold Banana Plugs

Banana plugs are electrical connectors that use a single conductor for connecting wires to equipment primarily to connect speaker cables to any audio device. They provide a safe, reliable, and easy way of directly connecting and disconnecting wires from the equipment. Audio equipment, such as loudspeakers and amplifiers, are connected using banana plugs. Banana plugs are named “banana” since they are quite rounded in the center, which helps the connector to latch on to the plug jack. A gold-coated banana plug provides superior connection with better signal transmission to the device.

Different Types of Gold Banana Plugs

Various types of gold tipped banana plugs are available from various brands. Some of them are open screw banana plugs, dual tip plugs, spade, and speaker banana plugs. The open screw banana plug is the simplest kind of gold tipped banana plugs and is generally referred to as standard banana plugs. A pro maestro plug has a heavy-duty steel casing and arrangements for tightening the cable by using a cable screw. The silverback banana plug has a double cable screw instead of a lone screw like that in a pro maestro banana plug. Dual tipped banana plugs can be extremely useful when having adjacent sockets housing banana plugs so that two of them can be installed at a time.

Banana Plug Varieties Available:
Banana Plugs
Premium Banana Plugs
Banana Plugs
Silverback Banana Plugs
Banana Plugs
Banana Plug DeadBolt
Banana Plugs
Dual Tip Banana Plugs
Dual Tip
Banana Plugs
Spade Plugs
Banana Plug Speaker Wire
Banana Plug
Speaker Wire

Product Specifications

  • Gold banana plugs are usually made of nickel or aluminum.
  • A 24k gold coated copper conductor is used in the banana plug connector that offers clearer linkages between the wire and the jack and is non-corrosive.
  • Most of the plugs are designed for 4 mm diameter wires, but coaxial cables can also be used in some banana plugs.
  • Dual banana plugs have two adjacent plugs for connecting the double channel devices.
  • How Gold Plating Improves the Quality of Banana Plugs?

    Gold is coated on the electrical contact for superior conductivity and to reduce the copper losses in the connector. The gold plating is used due to the conductivity and anti corrosive properties possessed by coating gold at electrical contact points. An electrochemical process called electrolytic plating does the coating. Gold Plating is done on the connectors of electronic equipment to provide an electrical conducting corrosion resistant cover over copper.

    Installation Instructions

    For installing, the gold banana plugs follow the instructions as given below:

    • For a start, slide the banana plug over the wire after removing its locking collar. Ensure that you match the color code of the collar ring with that of the wire.
    • Thread the plug set screws into the threaded holes in the banana plug. Make sure that the set screws are not crossed thread.
    • Strip the copper wire about half to five-eighths of the insulation at the end of the wire. Note that the strip length may have to be doubled and folded to obtain enough bare copper for the setscrews. This will hold on to if a dual channel configuration or a smaller speaker cable is used.
    • Insert the speaker wire, into the banana plug so that enough bare wire is under each of the setscrews so that it will hold when tightened.
    • Fix the wire, to the plug by tightening both the setscrews and ensure that the setscrews are so placed to allow the locking collar to go over them.
    • Then thread in the locking collar until it touches the sides of the locking pins.
    • Insert the banana plug into the equipment by tightening the locking collar into the device.

    Uses of Gold Banana Plugs

    Gold plated banana plugs are used widely in audio equipment. When using a gold plated banana plug, an unwavering audio or video signal is mainly given by the plug design that is robust and prevents accidental disconnection due to the gold plating of the contacts. The main uses of gold banana plugs are in:

    • Speakers – which often use non-insulated banana plugs. Dual channel speakers can use dual banana plugs too. Make sure that the socket is compatible with the banana plug.
    • Coaxial cables which also use banana connectors and although most cable wires are RCA or HDMA port connectors. Ensure that the banana plug used for the purpose is large enough to accommodate the thicker coaxial cable.
    • Patching audio equipment together, this is usually done by using gold plated banana plugs. The two input wires are attached to a dual bottom slug emerged out from a single plug top.

    As you can infer, these gold banana plugs have many uses and they are worth their weight in gold!

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