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What Are Banana Plugs?

While trying to connect the audio system to the speakers people look for various options. Some people who are not aware of the consequences of using bare wires opt for it. However, experts who want an extremely superior quality audio and neat appearance always opt for banana plugs. It depends on your own personal concern, to select which type of banana plug most effectively suits your needs. Different sorts of banana plugs are available on the market so that you can make an unlimited number of connections from a single stable one.

About Banana Plug Jacks

The plug, having the curved shape spring, giving it an elongated look, was given the name the “banana plug.” Richard Hirschmann invented it in 1924.

Banana plug jacks are male connectors that attach to the receiver or speaker cable to allow you to connect an audio source to the speaker wires. These assigned receptacles do not compromise with the loss of transfer of electric waves or signal. These are somewhat round in shape at the center that can easily fit into the female socket, to establish a firm contact through the circuit. These plugs have about a 25 mm long, cylindrical metal pin that is 4mm in diameter that can fit easily into a 4mm binding post or banana socket to make contact. One or more outwardly bulging lengthwise springs are there to push the banana socket or female connector; thus, the contact between them is better and fall out of the plug is avoided.

To meet the requirement of different sound systems the banana plugs jack are available in a wide range of designs. Most of them are made of aluminum and nickel, while silver and gold plated plugs are corrosive resistant for offering clearer linkages. Many business professionals are using these pin plugs that are plated. For electronic testing of the equipment, these plugs are often used to terminate patch cords. Banana plug jacks accept the insulated cable of the speaker or receiver soldered, screwed, or crimped into place thus allowing the audio components to provide clear signal transmissions and for the reception to be crisp and clear.

Types of Banana Plug Jacks

Open and closed screw types of banana plug jacks are available on the market, and the difference between them lies in the way the wire is inserted into these banana plugs. In the open-screw banana plug jacks, the wire is fed on the side through the hole and in the closed types the wire extends through the bottom of the plug jacks. Otherwise, both of them are almost alike. In addition and although, the closed screw types are the most common choices of these plugs.

Installing Different Types of Banana Plug Jacks

The plugs have a diameter of 4 mm and an inch long wire can easily pass through it. Single and double screwed banana plug jacks are picked according to the specs of your speaker cable.

Installing Open Screw Type

  • After stripping the speaker wire, match the color of the wire with the banana plug jack. (Example: red/no stripe and black/stripe).
  • Expose the copper wire and insert it into the side opening of the plug.
  • Close all the ends of the copper wire inside the plug and tighten the screw.

  • Connection Diagram

    These are also referred to as “Open-Screw Type” Banana Plugs. With these Banana Plugs you can easily connect your speaker wire into the side the Banana Plug, or through the bottom like normal a Banana Plug. These have many advantages in quick and simple projects as they can be terminated much more quickly, requiring no additional tools. Simply twist the bottom loose, stick the cable in, and tighten them down. These also are great for situations where there isn’t a lot of clearance between the back of your receiver and your wall, as you can run the wire out the side of the banana plug.

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    Installing Closed Screw Type

  • The speaker wire is stripped about a ½" and then match the color code of the plug and wire.
  • Feed the copper wire, from the bottom of the banana plug and extend it to the top. Without covering the screw threads, bend the copper wire to keep it in place.
  • The bare copper wire is screwed back together for closing all the ends of the wire.

  • The Pro Maestro Banana Plugs are more on the side of the traditional Banana Plug. These simply will connect through the bottom of the Banana Plugs. The speaker wire is then fastened inside by a single cable-screw. With the Pro Maestro’s heavy duty steel casing and tight cable-screw design, you can rest assure that you have a solid connection from your stereo to your speakers while eliminating the hassle and frustration of installing a home theater system.

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    Nowadays, various speaker wire comes with pre-installed banana plugs. So, you just need to pick out which one is the most compatible with your system.

    The Purpose of Using Banana Plug Jacks

    The main advantage of using these jack plugs for speaker cables is to establish a secure and reliable connection between the receivers, speakers, amplifiers, and so on. The banana plug jacks are simply designed to facilitate the linking of the speaker components in a much easier way compared to the other jack plugs.

    You can enjoy the best quality of sound from your audio system, practically indefinitely, since banana plugs work as designed and are fabulous at what they do. There is not any reason for your sound output to not sound remarkable every time and by everyone if these steps are administered correctly.

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