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Bulk Banana Plugs

Wholesale price is used for purchasing any product in bulk, and these prices are quite rewarding when you get something worthwhile like banana plugs for your office, home, or resale purposes.

An Electrical Product Beloved by so Many

Banana plugs have gained an abundance of popularity in the last few years because they provide a secure connection and improve the signal reception through wires. This plug has this strange name because of the swelling present in the center, which enables it to make a secure, positive contact with the circuit of the speaker or receiver it is supplying power to. When the wire is plugged in to these plugs, it provides a secure connection with a crisp low voltage transmission since they have a significant contact area compared to the old stereo type plugs. With so many benefits, banana plugs are particularly required in large quantities to make all the connections secure in your home and/or business, and that is why businesses, professionals, and contractors buy bulk banana plugs.

Varieties of Bulk Banana Plugs

To ensure the best connection between your receiver and speaker wire, several varieties of banana plugs are available in the market. These banana plugs usually come without any retail packaging, so retailers offer them sometimes with discounted rates. They often come in pairs of 5, 12, and 24; however, you can buy a single pair also, if needed.

Some of the specifications of the different types of banana plugs that you can obtain at discounted rates when buying in bulk are as follows:

Silverback Banana Plugs

This light casing banana plug has a unique feature of a 2-screw lock design with gold plated heavy-duty connectors. This is the best choice for attaining a crisp clear signal transmission with superior protection of twin-screw connectivity. In bulk, they are available in pairs of 2, 6, and 12.

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(12 pairs)

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Deadbolt Banana Plugs

This banana plug has a specific feature that coincides with self-crimping teeth, so you do not need any screws or solders for reaching or acquiring a basic, robust, and low profile connection. By using zinc alloy based connectors, this low profile connection is used to support the receiver or speakers close to the wall. These bulk banana plugs are available in quantities of 1, 2, and 12.

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(12 pairs)

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Standard Banana Plugs

This is the simplest of the banana plugs for ensuring a secure connection between the cable and speaker and the cable is inserted through a side entry. Having a solid steel outer casing and high-density copper connectors with gold plating, these plugs are available in pairs of 1, 5, and 12.

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(12 pairs)

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Pro Maestro Banana Plugs

This product is basically heavy duty with steel casing and gold plated connectors. Its tight cable-screw design gives the speaker cables everlasting secure connections. They also come in bulk in pairs of 1, 5, and 12.

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(20 pairs)

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Dual Tip Banana Plugs

As the title indicates they have twin tips to give you the easiest and most reliable connection between the cable and the receiver, which can be connected or disconnected as per your requirement. These are available in bulk quantities of 2, 10, and 20.

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(20 pack)

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Spade Plugs

Spade Plugs are similar to normal Banana Plugs in the over installation of the speaker wire however if your setup requires a Spade Plug then you don’t have to be left out. These Spade plugs are made of Copper and feature a duel cable-screw for securing the speaker wire much like the Silverback Banana Plugs.

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(12 pair)

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Reasons to Buy Bulk Banana Plugs

Electronic plugs are the items, which are powered by a source, to produce electrical signals to equipment that requires a power source. Although they are relatively small items, they perform essential functions such as running your home theatre system and/or your HDTV. If you are still using those old RCA connectors for your electrical items and systems, then this is the right time to have them replaced with inexpensive bulk banana plugs. These banana plugs provide some security to your electrical products, such as to your HDTV and/or your home theater system, but they are required to be fixed to every electrical item that is connected with cables.

You will see many discount deals for these banana plugs when buying in bulk or at wholesale rates. The retail packaging is missing from these banana plugs but still the quality of this product is alike and superb. When you can save a substantial amount on a quality product, that is music to many peoples’ ears.

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