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Best Banana Plugs: Silverbacks

If you're like most people with an HDTV you probably don't only want the picture on the screen to be beautiful but you want the entire presentation of your TV and equipment itself to be as perfect as possible.

Banana plugs are a great way to accomplish this perfection with a relatively minor investment. If you are in the market for banana plugs, however, you are probably overwhelmed by the seemingly endless range of options. There are a few attributes that you should pay attention to, but if you are just looking for the best banana plug at a great price you should be considering the Silverback.

Check out this Youtube video about the Silverback Banana Plugs:


  • Dual screw-lock design One of the primary purposes of installing banana plugs rather than terminating your speaker cables directly into the receiver is that good banana plugs will actually secure the cables into the receiver better. This means that if somebody bumps your receiver the audio cables will not be yanked out. The Silverbacks feature two screws that lock the cable in. A customer recently observed that the dual screwlock design makes these "almost as secure as a soldered connection."
  • Fits 12 gauge wires There is nothing more frustrating than going to the store (or waiting for a package in the mail) just to find out that the hole on your banana plugs isn't big enough to accomodate your speaker wire. This should never happen if you buy Silverbacks because the opening easily accommodates 12 gauge wire.
  • Innovative jacket The Silverback's jacket features an innovative design which allows you to install the speaker wire, then slide the jacket on (this is a reverse-threading design). This saves you time and is overall an easier installation.
  • Superior conductivity Low-quality banana plugs sometimes feature inferior materials or engineering which don't provide a high-quality, persistent connection between your receiver and your speakers. The Silverback always maintains contact over gold-plating for a superior connection and audio quality.

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